How To Find SaaS Ideas by Tom Zaragoza

How To Find SaaS Ideas

Struggling to come up with SaaS ideas? In this course, you'll learn how to find product ideas that people are willing to pay for!

Hi, I’m Tom!

Through building and launching my own software product, Vocalmatic, I learned a lot about how to find product ideas that people will pay for.

But...before I was able to find a profitable problem to solve, I went through many failed products over the years.

What I realized is there are so many blog posts and articles out there that talk about how to find SaaS ideas, but hardly anyone was teaching step-by-step methods for finding a SaaS idea you can build. 

And that's why I built this course. I'll teach you the repeatable methods I use to find new product ideas and how to validate that people want to buy solutions to those problems!

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If you've always wanted to...

  • Really get started with building a SaaS product people will pay for
  • Start your own software product business on the side while working full-time as a software developer
  • Feel WAY more confident in your abilities and have a project you can proudly talk about

...then this course is made specifically for you!

In this 3 Module Program I've included everything you need to know, based on my experiences, including:

  • How to systematically find product ideas
  • How to validate that the product idea you found is something people will buy
  • How to launch your product to the market

What's included?

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What You'll Learn From This Course
1 min
Focus on Finding Problems > Finding Ideas
1 min
Methods For Finding SaaS Ideas
The Job Search Method
5 mins
The App Store Method
5 mins
The What-They're-Using-Excel-For Method
2 mins
How To Validate The Problem
1 min
The Keyword Research Method
4 mins
Using Ubersuggest for the Keyword Research Method
2 mins
Question Research Method
3 mins
Tips On How To Launch Your SaaS Product
Build Your MVP, Fast
1 min
Split Your Time 50/50, Marketing and Product Development
2 mins